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Santin Auto and Truck Repair Center
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 17 reviews
by Eric Castro on Santin Auto and Truck Repair Center

Great service, very professional and service was quick. Would definitely recommend coming here.

Service: Vehicle Inspection

by 8ucho on Santin Auto and Truck Repair Center

Great Box Truck rental, amazing customer service, overall 10/10 would recommend

by Miles Hall on Santin Auto and Truck Repair Center

Mobile service came to me and were very punctual and courteous. Esteban was a great mobile mechanic. Would recommend again and again.

by Julian Martinez on Santin Auto and Truck Repair Center

Amazing guy !! Quick and easy fix for a professional .very honest person as well

Service: General repairs & maintenance

by Houston Iron-Back Movers on Santin Auto and Truck Repair Center

Great service with available coffee and doughnuts if you walk in with a great attitude 🙂


by Hornady Lnl on Santin Auto and Truck Repair Center

My RV broke down west of San Antonio and was towed here. They made the necessary repairs and the owner was very professional.

Services: Auto maintenance, General repairs & maintenance, Oil change, Auto engine tuning

by Sandra Arispe on Santin Auto and Truck Repair Center

They were able to inspect my RV so we can get our State sticker.

by Lisa Clipperton on Santin Auto and Truck Repair Center

Services: Steering & suspension repair, Wheel alignment, General repairs & maintenance

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

by V.B Binder on Santin Auto and Truck Repair Center

Most amazing experience I've ever had with any mechanic shop or any business period! speriid. Hands down. Especially due to the scope and longevity of the issue at hand. I was there 3 days with the RV that broke down but I had to have in Denver on a deadline. brakes went out everything went to heck. These people gave me their employee break room, all the snacks I could possibly eat, I think I gained 7 pounds in 3 days, allowed me to stay in my RV out in the front of the building overnight waiting for parts. . And when they had to keep R-V in the shop the second night Bud the front service manager drove me to the motel after trying to get the hotel for me. I had to take that job away from him because it certainly wasn't his responsibility but he did not shy away from taking it on.

They took the time on multiple occasions to explain exactly what was happening and the time frame we're looking at. Did not sugarcoat it whatsoever. And I SA New Yorker certainly appreciated it. I got to tell you my three days there was like a mini staycation and those people had no responsibility to me other than making my RV sound and safe again but they went the extra 10 miles and I will always always appreciate it. I may start sending Christmas cards again.

Manager Steve Lugo runs an airtight process there. I was truly impressed with the professionalism of everyone there, the cleanliness and his organizational prowess in that gigantic shop. When I finally left on the third day I took him aside and I told him exactly what I thought of his business there. He took it with an amazing amount of Grace, gratitude and humbleness.

They gave me their break room let me set it up as my office allowed me to come and go as I please, kuerig coffee, tea, whatever I needed. They coddled me for 3 days . Bud and everyone else at that shop was extraordinary and I am no easy customer. Normally if I had to stay somewhere like that for three days they would have to call the police and haul me out of there. But my New York did not flair up one bit. It was like a staycation!!!

They went above and beyond and I will be eternally grateful. the third day they finished it up. Repairs took a long time however given what was wrong with it I say kudos to them.

A) for putting up with me, but most importantly making that RV safe again so I can travel on and handle my family business safely without worrying about putting those kids back in that RV on the return trip.

Lorian Lugo who is the front office manager was amazingly attentive to every need I had and you know she had no earthly reason to bother with any of it. We had a very very nice conversation about upstate New York and kids. She was truly interested in my home town and it was lovely talking to her with time having to pass such as it did.

Thank you Santin Repair for making an old ladies crazy emergency a truly wonderful experience.

by Charlie Ortega on Santin Auto and Truck Repair Center

Fast service.

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